July 21, 2020

AquaVault keeping safe at the beachWell at least it’s summer in the northern hemisphere. In South America, Southern Africa and Australia (just to name a few places that AquaVault has made an appearance), it’s late fall and headed into winter and people that live in those climates will not be headed to the beach as often or at all!

But in the U.S. (birthplace of AquaVault!) the upcoming Memorial Day weekend is the dawn of a new summer and so many chances to enjoy the sun and sea (or pool). And while you are basking away in the midday sun AquaVault should be your go-to beach companion. After all having your very own portable outdoor lockbox secure your valuables while you are in the water, getting some food, or even throwing a football or Frisbee around, will allow you to have fun without the usual worrying!

AquaVault is made to last – molded out of tough ABS plastic, and can contain more things than you’d actually bring (or should bring) to the beach or pool. The three-digit combination locks it to your lounge chair and then you’re truly ready to celebrate the summer season – which isn’t quite endless enough for us!

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