AquaVault – why did we call it that?

AquaVault – why did we call it that?

We talk to people all the time about the AquaVault portable outdoor beach and pool safe.  Surprisingly we get asked about why we named the product AquaVault – particularly when our travel lockbox can do so much more than give you peace of mind at the beach or pool.  AqauVault was conceived right after the three founders had their valuables stolen while enjoying a day at a hotel pool.

AquaVault has many uses

However, the truth is that AquaVault can also be a BikeVault®, or a StrollerVault®, or a GolfcartVault®.   But we’re so focused on having people experience worry-free vacations and holidays with the use of AquaVault that we’ve pushed back the rollout of related portable safe products.  For now, we just want AquaVault to be the #1 choice when it comes to protection of your valuables while you enjoy your day in the sun.

Rest assured that when we do offer other safety products all will fit your iPad mini, smartphone as well as your keys, sunglasses, and wallet and whatever else you can think of since you will be so relaxed you won’t want to go back to the room or car to get your other stuff.

Feel free to email, Tweet, Instagram or post to our FB page other uses for AquaVault  - we have lots of ideas but we’d love to hear yours!