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Vacationers can have peace of mind thanks to this portable safe company seen on 'Shark Tank'

Walking away from your valuables to take a care-free swim at the pool or beach can be an unsettling feeling, and with good reason. Three friends discovered that the hard way, and it helped them start a business.

Aventura startup that won over 'Shark Tank' investor could add sales jobs in South Florida

An Aventura startup that won an investment on "Shark Tank" from Fubu CEO Daymond John could add a South Florida sales force as it rolls out new products.

Yes, it’s safe to go into the water with this Shark Tank startup’s invention

But who’s going to watch the stuff?

It’s a familiar question, if you are among friends at the beach who want to take a swim. One Aventura-based startup, AquaVault, has a solution for that – and the crowd gives it a thumbs up.

The Secrets of How Shark Tank Company, AquaVault​, Turned into a $20 million Business in Under 3 years

"A goal without a plan is just a wish," said Jonathan Kinas, the Co-Founder for AquaVault. The three inventors of AquaVault- a Portable Travel Safe- secured a deal with Daymond John after appearing on Shark Tank in March of 2015. Inking a deal with the FUBU founder allowed these guys to catapult AquaVault's valuation roughly 6,500% in under three years.

AquaVault's Cofounder on Life After the Shark Tank Deal

A day at the beach is all fun and games until all of your stuff gets stolen. That's what happened to college friends Avin Samtani, Jonathan Kinas, and Rob Peck during a vacation in South Beach three years ago. "We won't name the hotel where it happened, but let's just say they do offer AquaVault now," Samtani says. Indeed, AquaVault is the name of the company and the product he and his two buddies created after that fateful day in Miami Beach.

The portable FlexSafe will keep your valuables secure no matter where you are

Your whole vacation can get ruined if your wallet, phone, or tablet gets stolen while you’re enjoying a dip in the pool or relaxing at the beach. Aquavault hopes to ease your worries a bit with the FlexSafe, a portable security solution that attaches almost anywhere and lets you safely store your belongings.

Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Aqua Vault & Have Peace Of Mind On Your Next Beach Vacation

Some products that hit the Shark Tank pitching floor make you wonder, "How did they think of that?" and for others, it's more, "I see how they thought of that, but how many people really need it?"

How a Robbery Led to a Business Idea

“Aha” moment: “We tucked our things into our sneakers and went for a swim, and when we came back, everything was gone,” Kinas recalls. “When we realized several other people at our resort had the same problem, we said, ‘We need to invent something to prevent this.’”

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AquaVault Goes ‘Beyond the Tank’: Interview With Owners

AquaVault entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their portable/attachable safe that is meant for the beach or pool so you don’t have to worry about your valuable belongings.

The Best Waterproof Phone Cases for Admittedly Accident-prone Travelers

Losing or damaging your phone can be surprisingly devastating. We keep so much of our lives — photos, directions, calendars, and so on — on that 6-by-3-inch device that breaking it can sometimes feel like the end of the world. And doing so while on vacation is a next-level tragedy. Not only can you no longer capture all the fun moments, but depending on your location, you might be left completely disconnected from the world.

AquaVault: What Happened To Portable Safe After ‘Shark Tank’

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As seen on Shark Tank, AquaVault's portable FlexSafewill keep your valuables secure if you need a quick dip in the ocean. The material is slash-proof and water resistant, and has a programmable lock

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Shark Tank: Robert Herjavec Withdraws Offer, Daymond John Locks In AquaVault At $75k

Rob, Jonathan, and Avin are pitching AquaVault to the Shark Tank. It’s a lockbox that attaches to any fixed object, making it possible to leave your valuables behind while you’re at the beach, without worrying.

No more sand in your smartphone! Beach locker that clips on to sunlounger promises to keep holidaymakers' valuables safe

Whether lounging by the pool on a sunbed or lazing at the beach on a deckchair, holidaymakers need to ensure their valuables are kept safe.

FlexSafe kept my smartphone safe at the beach

Over the past several weeks I’ve been using the FlexSafe portable safe whenever my family heads to the beach. The FlexSafe is a tiny three-digit code-locking pack for valuable items, made to keep items safe whilst traveling. The FlexSafe is designed in a way that lends itself well to attaching to a bar – or a chair arm – or any one of a wide variety of larger items.

Test: AquaVault A beach safe that makes your holiday less stressful.

We've all been there: You are alone with the kids on the beach and everyone wants to swim. If you have valuables lying on the sunbed, it often becomes a stressful experience.