Feeling safe and secure at the beach is just…better

Feeling safe and secure at the beach is just…better
You’re at the beach or pool and then it dawns on you that you should have left most of your valuables back in the room or car. It’s something that you can deal with the same way you’ve been dealing with it for your entire life. You can bury your money, keys, wallet, phone, glasses, etc in your shoes, under a towel or under aAquaVault Beach Safe t-shirt. It’s never failed before right?

AquaVault Personal Outdoor SafeBut just like in baseball, it only takes one hit (i.e. one thief swiping the shoes that are hiding your wallet) to get things started. The founders of AquaVault had that happen to them, which is why they worked so hard to develop the world’s premier outdoor beach and pool safe. AquaVault’s tagline – “Lock up and swim” really means – have a great time and don’t worry!

Do you know what people actually put in their AquaVault portable lock box? Yup, their money, keys, wallet, phone, glasses, i-Pad mini (or Nexus or Kindle etc.) and even a candy bar or two just in case.

AquaVault locks onto your beach chair with a simple three-digit code that only you know. It’s so easy and smart you will wonder why you did not think of it yourself. But thank goodness the founders of AquaVault did!

Lock up and swim. Has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you say?