Jodi Ettenberg Loves the ChargeCard. This is Why.

Jodi Ettenberg Loves the ChargeCard. This is Why.

I used to use an Anker external charger but I found it quite bulky, and I preferred something slimmer. There are some cases with built-in chargers as well, but for the times I wasn’t charging that just meant that my phone had extra weight in my purse.

So the ChargeCard was a perfect solution, since it’s small and lightweight and still manages to get in several charges for my phone (so far!). I realize it’s a bit more expensive than other chargers out there, but the lightweight aspect may make it worthwhile for you.

It comes with a variety of tiny connecting cords to make it compatible with most phones—USB-C, Lightning cord, and MicroUSB are included in the package. The device itself recharges via USB.

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