AquaVault – so much more than a beach or pool safe!

AquaVault – so much more than a beach or pool safe!

AquaVault Beach SafeIt’s no secret that the idea for AquaVault was born near the water, even if it was pool water, and that so many people have enjoyed a worry-free vacation when using their AquaVault by the pool or at the beach. But the AquaVault safe is an extremely versatile companion that can be used both inside and out!

Just for instance, let’s say you are at a nightclub and don’t want to carry around your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, (because it can get bright in the club). All of them will easily fit inside your AquaVault and now all you need is a place to lock up…and party!

As yet indoor establishments have not set aside places for patrons to lock up their valuables but now that big time hotels are renting out the AquaVault portable outdoor safe, it can’t be too long before you’ll be able to secure your valuables while you move around without having things bulging out of your pocket. For so many of the ladies, not having to carry around even a small bag would be a huge plus!

We’ve seen people using AquaVaults at the golf course, the park, and on their bicycles. But what about the indoor play arenas while you climb around with the little kids (and enjoy feeling like a little kid!)?

The AquaVault beach safe offers so much utility and peace of mind for so little! Send us your photos of where you use your AquaVault and maybe we’ll post it on the website!