Top 5 reasons AquaVault makes tropical vacations better

Top 5 reasons AquaVault makes tropical vacations better

AquaVault Pool SafeHaving your valuables stolen while you are on vacation is exactly the kind of thing that can ruin a great time.  AquaVault owners and renters know that a portable outdoor lockbox offers peace of mind while at the pool bar, swimming or lounging by the pool or beach.

So here are our top five (there are more) reasons an AquaVault can make your next tropical vacation even better:

5) You can pack stuff IN the AquaVault before you pack your suitcase.  This minimizes any lost suitcase space.   People are always surprised at how much they can put in an AquaVault.

4) An AquaVault looks cool.  Which is exactly what you are for having and using one.

3) You can always claim you don’t know the combination when the roving beach vendors try to sell you beads or hats.

2) You can pack a surprising amount of small liquor bottles inside an AquaVault in case you want to save a few bucks at the pool by ordering mixers instead of mixed drinks.

1) You can enjoy watching other guests try to hide their valuables under t-shirts and towels knowing that’s not your problem.

Safety, utility, and peace of mind are great things.  Agreed?