The real April fool doesn’t have an AquaVault

April Fool’s Day can make people uneasy if they do not like practical jokes.  At AquaVault we all love a good prank.  But not when a prank gets mean-spirited.   And while we’re on the subject of mean-spirited that’s exactly the mindset of a thief who wants to steal your valuables while you are on vacation at the pool, beach, or park.

Now that the AquaVaults portable outdoor safe is so readily available to rent at hotels in south Florida, Las Vegas, and a growing number of other resorts, there’s no reason for you to play the April Fool when you are trying to have a great vacation with no worries.   Of course you can also order your AquaVault beach safe right here on our website and we’ll ship it to you right away!

Constructed out of tough ABS plastic, AquaVault iss handy, smart-looking, and most of all THE way to protect your iPad Mini, smart phone, keys, sunglasses, money or whatever else you might want to have with you at the pool or beach.

So don’t play the fool – get smart with an AquaVault!