AquaVault makes boating even better

AquaVault makes boating even better

If that’s even possible.  We LOVE going out on the water on just about any kind of boat!  Whether it’s a sailboat or powerboat having a safe place to secure your valuables makes your day on the water even better.

AquaVault’s portable outdoor safe is water-resistant but it’s not waterproof.  That’s because it’s open through the side in order to secure it on deck – or below!   You can store your phone, wallet, keys, and earphones (hold onto your sunglasses since that sun is bound to be bright but they’d fit too BTW).  Easy access in and out by using the three digit combination lock that comes with every AquaVault.

Also ideal for use on a party boat when you go fishing with your kids or your friends, AquaVault is lightweight yet incredibly strong since it’s made from ABS plastic.

And just in case you are on a cruise ship, an AquaVault is the perfect way to secure your things to your lounge chair while you hit the bar or have some lunch and you want to keep your primo spot.

Before you head out on the boat or cruise get an AquaVault outdoor safe to help make your trip on the water smooth the beauty of the ocean.