AquaVault – someday Billons and Billions sold?

How is an AquaVault like a McDonald’s hamburger? Not really in any way – EXCEPT, that off of our extremely successful experience on ABC’s Shark Tank, AquaVault can now put up a sign saying ‘Thousands and Thousands sold’.

After all that’s how McDonald’s used to do it when Ray Kroc founded the company in the 1950’s. McDonald’s would have a little sign on the bottom of their big sign, noting (first) thousands and thousands served. Then it changed along the way to 'millions and millions served' and then on to ‘Billions’ served. (McDonald’s reported selling 20 billion hamburgers in 1976.) Finally it updated to ‘Billions and Billions’ sold. And then they gave up as it became unimportant.


Look, we know there’s not much chance of billions of AquaVault’s being sold. At least not this year. But as more people become aware of AquaVault’s amazing attributes - a smart-looking, incredibly tough ABS plastic outdoor portable safe that helps keep your stuff safe from thieves, we’re on the rapid growth trail and could not be happier about that!

Whether you decide to rent an AquaVault from one of our great hotel or beach partners, or you want to pick one up off of our website (Buy Here/Order Page), your next vacation or day at the beach or pool will be just a little bit better knowing that your valuables are safely stashed in your AquaVault lockbox!

Billions and Billons sold. It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?