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FlexSafe by AquaVault: The best travel lock boxes and portable travel safes
FlexSafe by AquaVault: Portable Safe for Travel, Beach, Pool, Dorm, College, & More
FlexSafe by AquaVault: Versatile Travel Lock Boxes and portable travel vault
FlexSafe by AquaVault: Portable Safe for strollers, carriages, shopping carts
FlexSafe by AquaVault: Portable Safe and Portable Lockboxes for closets, hotels, dorm rooms
FlexSafe by AquaVault: Portable Safe and portable travel safe that is easy to pack
FlexSafe by AquaVault: Portable Safes, travel lockboxes, and travel vaults for your beach trip
All New FlexSafe® by AquaVault
$ 49.95

$ 59.95

All New FlexSafe® by AquaVault

The FlexSafe® is the Ultimate Portable Travel Safe to Securely Lock Up Your Valuables.  Use on your lounge chair, stroller, closet rod, bicycle, boat railing, and more.
  • FEATURES- Ultra Slash Resistant, Water Resistant, RFID Blocking (protects your credit card information), Re-Programmable Combination Lock, Light Weight, and Easily Packable.
  • Awarded First Place Hotel Product of The Year in 2017 (HX Expo: North America's largest Hotel Trade Show)

AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK The All-New 2018 version of the Flexsafe® is AquaVaults best portable travel safe available.  Do you need a portable safe to keep your valuables safe while at the pool or beach? The FlexSafe is the portable lockbox that keeps your phone, wallet, money, and other essential items safe from would-be thieves. The FlexSafe is a portable travel lock box that is cut-resistant and includes RFID blocking material to help keep your digital assets secure. The integrally locking flap allows it to lock on almost any fixed object. It is also flexible and easily packable in even the smallest carry-on luggage.  Everyone knows that feeling... you are at the pool and want to go for a swim but "what do you do with your valuables?" This portable safe has a patented design to make sure criminals can not steal your items and they won’t be able to run off with the safe itself. There are also pouches and straps on the outside of our portable safes for lose items such as sunscreen or sunglasses. These portable lock boxes are easy to store once you are done using them. Instead of hard shell safes that are solid and space consuming, the flex safe is made of material that is easy to fold and takes up minimal space. This is the best portable safe you have been looking for. It is great for travel and easy to use. Just insert your "stuff", lock to any fixed object, and go for a worry free swim.  This portable travel safe will save you time and worry when you see how simple it is to attach to a solid fixture and lock. You no longer have to worry about your exposed valuables being grabbed by thieves. The FlexSafe is the best portable safe to keep your items safe and secure while you enjoy your trip. The FlexSafe is the ultimate portable safe that is packable, flexible and water-resistant with an internal zipper pouch, a universal-fit locking flap, mesh pockets, carrying handle, programmable lock and magnetic closure.  Portable Lockbox, Secure Travel Vault, Packable Small Safe

Measurements: 10" x 6" x 3"  (9 oz)

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