Keep Your Valuables Safe on Your Next Christmas Vacation

Make your Christmas vacation better with AquaVault

The holiday season is the perfect time to unwind, celebrate, and make cherished memories with loved ones. However, the holiday season can also bring about its fair share of stress. AquaVault is here to ensure that your Christmas vacation is stress-free by offering innovative solutions to common travel concerns. Say goodbye to worries about lost valuables and drained phone batteries, and say hello to a joyful and carefree holiday with these must-have items for your Christmas vacation!

Gift of Security: FlexSafe, A High-Quality Portable Safe

Imagine hopping from plane to plane, a long road trip with many stops, or a really fun day skiing without constantly worrying about your valuables. The FlexSafe, a portable safe that attaches to fixed objects is designed to secure your essentials during your holiday adventures. Made of durable and water-resistant materials, the FlexSafe features a built-in lock with a customizable 4-digit code, RFID-blocking technology, and a tamper-evident seal. Compact and lightweight, it provides the security and peace of mind you need to fully enjoy the magic of the season.

Stay Powered Up with The Worlds Best Portable Charger!

The ChargeCard is the Christmas miracle you need to keep your devices charged and ready for all your holiday activities. This portable charger, small enough to fit in your stocking, ensures that your iPhone or Android stays powered up throughout your Christmas vacation. With a long battery life, the ChargeCard guarantees that you won't miss capturing those precious holiday moments or navigating unfamiliar new areas with a dead phone. Stay connected and worry-free with the ChargeCard—a market-leading portable phone charger for iPhone and Android.

Jingle All the Way: Waterproof Floating Phone Case

Capture the magic of your Christmas vacation with the Waterproof Floating Phone Case. You may be thinking...why do I need a waterproof phone case in the winter? It's freezing outside! Our waterproof case will also protect your iPhone or Android from the snow! Don't miss a great picture opportunity while out in the snow! This 100% waterproof case ensures your phone stays dry. With a built-in lanyard, you can jingle all the way without worrying about losing or damaging your phone. Stay connected, entertained, and ready to capture every merry moment with this essential accessory.

Let Aquavault be a part of your Christmas vacation, ensuring that your holiday is not only safe and secure but also filled with ease and relaxation. Our FlexSafe, Waterproof Floating Phone Case, and ChargeCard (the world's smallest portable phone charger), will make your Christmas trip stress-free and enjoyable. Give the gift of peace of mind this holiday season—check out AquaVault now and make your Christmas vacation unforgettable!