December 08, 2021

Planning a trip overseas for the Holidays? Be sure to include our best travel products to keep yourself safe charged during your trip. 

No one wants to run on 'E' while in-flight. Our ChargeCard can keep your phone fueled, as well as other important travel-friendly electronics like ear pods. Also, our phones are more critical to travel now than ever before. Think electronic airline tickets, vaccination passports, etc. It's critical to keep your battery charged during travel not just for entertainment and convenience but for safety. Don't risk it. Keep the ChargeCard in your carry-on!

ChargeCard ChargeCard

Our FlexSafe is easy to pack and will keep all of your important travel documents (passport, etc.) safe while you explore your destination. You can easily attach it to the clothes rod in the closet of your hotel room or AirBNB and tour around worry-free knowing that your stuff is locked and secure. 

FlexSafe FlexSafe

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