AquaVault 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10: Adventure

AquaVault 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10: Adventure

Are adventurous travels in your future? Maybe you have a trip to the mountains planned for the Holidays. We've got you covered. Here's why:

1. ChargeCard
We rely on our smart phones now more than ever. Not just for fun and convenience but for navigating and safety. If you're lost while hiking and you notice your cell phone is low on juice that can send you into panic mode. #1 - how will you navigate yourself out of the woods and #2 - how will you call for help if you need it? Answer is simple: ALWAYS keep our ChargeCard handy. It's small enough to take ANYWHERE and powerful enough to bring your phone back to a full charge. Plus, even if you're not stranded you never want to miss a cool photo op!

ChargeCard ChargeCard

2. Waterproof Floating Phone Case
Not only will our phone case protect your phone from falling into a stream along your path, it provides a hands-free carrying option while you're on the trails. Are you into skiing? Need to keep your phone handy on the slopes to make plans for Aprés Ski? Want to capture some video as you head down the mountain? No problem. Keep your phone with you without worrying about dropping it in the snow with our Waterproof, Floating Phone Case.

Waterproof Floating Phone Case Waterproof Floating Phone Case

3. FlexSafe Mini
Big enough to store key valuables, but small enough to wear on your belt or place on a mountain bike. It's like an extra pocket anywhere you go! Just take a look below. 

FlexSafe Mini FlexSafe Mini