The Ultimate Portable Safe (FREE SHIPPING OVER $50)

The coolest hot gift for the holidays

AquaVault and Shark Tank - unique gift ideaYou probably saw it on ABC’s Shark Tank remember?   Shark Daymond John liked it so much he bought in and is a partner on the AquaVault team.  Why?  Because every time somebody sees the AquaVault portable beach and pool safe they think “What a great idea!”

AquaVault locks onto your beach chair with a simple three-digit code that only you know. Made of incredibly tough ABS plastic it holds way more stuff than you’d ever believe!  It’s so easy and smart you will wonder why you did not think of it yourself.  But thank goodness the founders of AquaVault did! 

The holidays can be stressful.  Ordering a personal outdoor safe from AquaVault for a family member or friend will surely be a well-received and envied gift!   

While you are ordering one for someone else you might as well get one for yourself.  You know you want to!   

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