Memorial Day Weekend and AquaVault – a perfect combination!

Memorial Day Weekend and AquaVault – a perfect combination!

Memorial Day weekend has always been a perfect time of year to get together with our big group of friends and just kick back and relax at the beach.  We bring our coolers, volley ball net, tons of food and just enjoy soaking up the sun while listening to the music with everyone you want to be around.

The weekend has become a tradition and something we look forward to all year long.  This year things were slightly different in the sense that we brought a new addition with us, a beach safe called the AquaVault.  This was something that has always been missing from the picture. I cannot emphasize enough the difference that was made by everyone being able to leave their belongings unsupervised in the AquaVault beach safes and not having to worry about our stuff getting stolen.  Countless times we had to flip a coin or play rock, paper, scissor, to see who was going to stay back and watch everyone's stuff while the rest of the group would go into the water, or simply take a walk along the shore. But not anymore.

The AquaVault is literally one of those inventions that you think about and wonder how it hasn't been around for decades. Theft has always been a concern throughout most beaches in the world. I had the misfortune of having all of my valuables stolen a couple years ago while at the beach with some of my closest friends. I thought I was slick by hiding everything in my socks, in my shoes and tucked under my lounge chair. It was literally a matter of 10 minutes before I came back from taking a short swim and realized that everything was gone.

Now that we have this AquaVault beach safe I can honestly say that theft is no longer a concern and we can now leave all of our valuables locked up on our lounge chairs and have a peace of mind that was always missing. We even had multiple families walk by and say, "That is genius, where did you find one of those? We never used to go to the beach because we were always scared to leave our belongings unattended and never wanted to have to chose who stays back and watches the bags. This beach safe can change our entire experience on the beach and we absolutely need you to tell us where we can buy one."

I was only too happy to let them know –