AquaVault – The press loves us!

AquaVault – The press loves us!

Well not really the press since who reads newspapers anymore anyway?   Besides newspapers are so local and the news on AquaVault has gone international!  Just this past weekend the very well respected (and awesome!) travel business website wrote about the attributes of the AquaVault portable lockbox.

Plus AquaVault is going to be featured on The Home Shopping Network over the 4th of July weekend!  And right now HSN is displaying AquaVault’s portable lock box!  And even has gotten into the act too!

But what’s even cooler is that AquaVault is getting coverage across the pond in the UK Daily Mail. And everyone knows (for some reason) that people in the UK still read newspapers – it must be deeply embedded in British culture I guess.

We’ve only been out with AquaVault portable lockbox for a few months and we’re very gratified to see the positive response!   We knew there was a need for protecting your valuables while at the beach, pool, park, or wherever you want the freedom to enjoy yourself without worrying so much about theft of your stuff.

We’ve also heard that folks think AquaVault’s cool way of helping you remember your lock code is a great idea – we thought so too!