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The AquaVault Lockbox and the World Cup – a Perfect Combination

We’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting Rio de Janeiro and the reputedly AMAZING beaches of the Copacabana (but we’ve all seen the photos).  The World Cup is now in full blossom and the excitement is being shared around the globe.

One thing that is missing from the World Cup and the beaches in Rio is AquaVault’s portable lockbox.  Everyone seems to be aware that Rio is not known for being the safest place on the planet and yet I see pictures of people all over the beach (wearing very little I might add) having a great time.  But people would have an even more relaxed time if the hotels on the beach rented AquaVault’s portable lockbox.  We like to use the phrase "lock up and swim."  Think of it, for just a few dollars a day (ok so in Rio they are realsˆ) with an AquaVault lockbox rental you can lock up and swim to your heart’s content without worrying about your stuff being stolen.

AquaVault’s bound to be on beaches in Rio and all around the world as people are becoming very aware of this new and revolutionary safety product.  In the meantime enjoy the World Cup matches.  The whole world is watching!

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