AquaVault – makes it even more fun to jump in the lake!

AquaVault – makes it even more fun to jump in the lake!

We talk about going to the beach or pool and to remember to bring your AquaVault portable outdoor safe, but how about when you go to the lake?  In the United States there are so many amazing lakes not to mention the world-renowned five Great Lakes. (Can you name them all?)





Have you ever been to Lake Powell in Arizona? How about Lake Mead in Nevada? Minnesota, known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, actually counts nearly 12,000—the most among the lower 48 states. Michigan comes in a close second and Florida third, while among smaller states, Maine stands out with nearly 800. But Alaska trumps them all with an estimated 3 million lakes. That’s a whole lotta lakes!

It should be no secret that bringing your AquaVault along is the smart thing to do when you vacation at the lake. It secures so easily and to so many different things! Having your valuables safe and secure while you, yup – jump in the lake makes your vacation even more awesome!

So visit us today to be sure you get your own AquaVault portable outdoor safe in plenty of time for your great lake (or Great Lake) vacation.

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