AquaVault will not be developing a mobile app

We understand that some people might be disappointed that AquaVault will not be developing a mobile application for our proprietary portable outdoor safe.

But really why even bother with a mobile app when the website is so easy to use? And we know that mobile is the future so we designed our site to be mobile-friendly (phone or tablet) which means it’s much easier to view than many mobile sites. You know the ones that appear so tiny you need a magnifying glass to see them.

In just a few swipes you can get straight to our order page, put in your info (pay by credit card or PayPal), and in a flash your order is confirmed and your AquaVault portable outdoor safe will soon be on its way to you.

We love technology but it’s a fact that AquaVault has no need for a mobile app, and even more importantly you can always rest easier when at the pool or beach by using your AquaVault to keep your mobile devices (not to mention your keys, wallet and sunglasses) safe and secure!

Why wait? You’re just a few clicks or swipes away!