AquaVault is a perfect companion for the last unofficial weekend of summer

AquaVault portable safeIt’s hard to believe that Labor Day is already upon us. The summer always seems to go by too fast and this year is no exception! So many people are heading to the beach or pool and those with an AquaVault portable beach safe are undoubtedly going to be just a bit more relaxed than everyone else.

AquaVault’s lock box offers way more peace of mind than hiding your valuables in your towel and hoping for the best while you go in the pool or into the surf. (If you wonder if thieves are watching – you should, they are).

Maybe like the guy in the photo you are, let’s say, on your honeymoon. This is a true story of one of our friends who recently sent this photo of how he felt on his honeymoon when he wanted to go for a walk with his new bride. No he did not have an AquaVault. Yes he will use one from now on until forever. We have no explanation on why one of our friends (name withheld for obvious reasons) would not have had an AquaVault beach safe in the first place but you can be assured he will never make that mistake again!!

So grab your AquaVault and head to the beach with no worries. If you don’t have one you can order it quick and easy right here.

Happy Labor Day!