5 Travel Essentials to Add to Your List

5 Travel Essentials to Add to Your List

Bucket List Publications put together a list of 5 travel essentials to add to your list. Our ChargeCard and 100% Waterproof Floating Phone Case are two of the five items! Check it out below.


The number one item on the top of my travel essentials list is the ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone Charger by AquaVault. It’s engineered with ultra-fast charging technology and made of premium stainless steel design and high capacity. It has build in charging cables and works with Apple, Android, & all other devices.

It fits in my purse, wallet, or even my passport holder so I always have an extra charge on-hand when my battery is running low. I keep it with me at all times because you never know when you’ll need a charge.

I use my phone for several hours a day, especially when I’m traveling. Even with a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, I still use up the battery on a regular basis. When I’m on the go, the ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone Charger is a game-changer. I don’t worry about missing a great photo or letting Max play games on a plane because I know I have a back-up.

100% Waterproof Floating Phone Case

Another genius product by AquaVault is the 100% Waterproof Floating Phone Case. It fits all phones and includes an adjustable neck strap.

I love that I can retain full functionality of my phone while in the case, and the best part is that it even floats if I accidentally drop it in the water. You don’t need to be going to a beach destination to need a waterproof phone case. It’s ideal for pools, beaches, and all water-related activities.

The triple seal design is leak tight and has reinforced corners, which gives me piece of mind. I don’t just use the case while traveling. It’s awesome for backyard pool days as well. This is one travel essential that I don’t keep in my travel bag because I use it at home so much as well.

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