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18 Amazing Gifts For Solo Female Travelers- by Jessie on a Journey


AquaSafe Waterproof Floating Case & AquaVault FlexSafe portable safe

Another option for those nervous about leaving valuables unattended at the beach — and who want to take underwater photos — is the AquaSafe Waterproof Floating Case. Not only can you take your phone swimming, but you’ll still be able to use the touchscreen.

AquaSafe also makes other portable safes for travelers, including a water-resistant FlexSafe that will be ready to ship in January 2018. Solo travelers can use the carrying strap and pockets to wear it like a bag, then affix it to a pole, beach chair or something else at their destination. Features include a Level 5 Cut-Resistant design and RFID Blocking. Price:$19.95-$59.95.

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