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AquaVault Water Resistant Solar Charger & Battery Bank

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AquaVault Solar Charger & Battery Backup

Product Specs and Description

Li-Polymer Battery:20000mAh 5V
Solar Panel: 5V/ 200mAh
LED Power: 2.4W
Input:DC 5V/ 1A
Output: DC 5V/ 2x1A

Completely charge unit before first use by using the included mini-USB power adapter/ cord (4 blue power indicator lights should stay lit when fully charged). Subsequent charging can be done by placing the device in direct sunlight. When device is charged please remove the output cord to avoid power loss.

Press side power button to check battery levels indicated by the 4 blue lights above solar panel. When the blue power lights go out your device has low battery and needs to be charged.

Quickly double click the side power button to turn on and off the flashlight mode. While in flashlight mode press side power button to change between solid flashlight mode and strobe mode.

Internal smart chip & control system has discharge protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection capabilities. The USB-SV output design has ultra high compatibility with all international standards.

Excess heat and prolonged exposure to high temperatures can shorten the life of this product and damage the batteries. Excess moisture and liquid exposure can corrode the electronics and adapters. Do not drop. Rough handling may damage the internal electrical circuit boards. do not attempt to disassemble the device.

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