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Aquavault | Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Phone Case

Don't worry about your phone getting wet. Use it under water and take pictures and videos.

About the Waterproof Phone Case

We have created a Waterproof Phone case that will protect your phone in any water based situation. Going for a swim? Take your phone with you.

Why we are the best
Waterproof Phone Case

Our patented design is created to make sure not a single drop of water touches your phone. AquaVault is a trusted prover of safe pool, beach and vacation products. Our Waterproof Phone Case is a shinin example of our dedication to make sure you are protected in any outdoor activity you may use your phone near water.

Easy to use

Our Waterproof Phone Case will hold many different types of phones on the market today. Just insert your phone, seal it and away you go.

Small enough to transport

Once you are done using your Waterproof Phone Case you can take your phone back out and the flexable materil will fold to fit in any pocket, glovebox or container.


Like all AquaVault productsa we have created this case with a durable plastic that will not let any water inside. Your phone is sealed safe and sound.

The Waterproof Phone Case
is great for the Pool

Today people carry their phone everywhere. Why not the Pool? AquaVault's Waterproof Phone Case protects your phone in the pool and you can still use your phone while in the case. Even under water!!


The Waterproof Phone Case by AquaVault keeps your phone secure from water damge. You can carry it like a necklace with you where ever you go, even in water.

Water proof/

Keep your phone free from water with this sealable waterproof case. You can even use your phone through this case.


One of AquaVaults signature designs for their products is the easy ability to pack the waterproof phone case away and take up little space in doing so.


This Waterproof phone case is very durable and is meant to withstand fresh and salt water from getting through its seal.

/Necklace strap

You can bring your phone with you in the pool and wear it around your neck so it never gets lost. You don't need pockets on your bathingsuit for this case.


This water proof phone case comes in many different colors including blue, black and pink.


This is an affordable waterproof phone case. You will find for the protection it brings your phone it is well worth the price.

This product has been featured on many shows, such as HSN.
Purchase now before we sell out!!

Waterproof Phone Case

Not only will this protect your phone in water, you can also still use your phone through the case. This is a great waterproof case at an affordable price.

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Easy To use

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Looking for a Waterproof Phone case you can use to protect your phone when you get in the pool, the ocean or when you are around water in general? The Waterproof Phone Case by AquaVault is the right choice for you!


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