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Aquavault | Packable Pail

Packable Pail

Fun for the kids to play with. Easy for Parents to clean up.

About the Packable Pail

The Packable Pail is a great way to minimize clutter and maximize fun. This Pail was designed for fun at the beach, pool or even tub. When your child is done playing, the pail breaks down into an easy to store square.

Why we are the best
packable pail

This pail was designed with the traveling family in mind. Buckets and Pails usually take up alot of space when your going to the beach or headed out on vacation. You end up buying another pail when you arrive to your destination. With the Packable Pail by AquaVault you can easily transport a pail for your kids without all the clutter.

Easy to use

Your little ones will have no problem using the packable pail for any adventures they may have. It is easy to pull open and just as easy to push back into a square.

Small enough to transport

AquaVault is known for their ability to make products that are fun to use and easy to transport. This packable pail is great for travel and vacation use.


The Packable Pail is made of durable plastic that can take whatever you child may throw at it. Open and close it as many times as you like.

The Packable Pail
is great for the Beach

Beach go-ers will love the packable pail as it doesn't require as much space as traditional pails. With its easy folding design, you can open it up to get the full pail affect without feeling that same space consuming feeling when play time is over.


The Packable Pail by AquaVault is durable and compact. When you need to use it, Open it up and away you go. All the use of a regular Pail with a quarter of the space to store it.

Holds Water/

This amazing Pail with open up and still be able to hold water due to its patented design.


Once you're done using the Packable Pail, It folds down to a managable size and is easily stored or put away with minimal space required.


The Packable Pail is made of durable plastic and is ready for whatever you or your kids have to throw at it.

/Great For Kids

This Pail is an easy to use Pail and is great for kids to hold toys in or to create sand castles with.


The Packable Pail comes in a variaety of colors including , blue, pink, yellow and orange.


The Packable Pail by AquaVault is easy on the wallet for such an amazing design. Buy one and find out why people everywhere enjoy this compact pail.

This product has been featured on many shows, such as HSN.
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Packable Pails

These Pails come in an array of colors and are easy to use. It's a great addition to a beach day or for a family with limited space about to take a vacation. Open, Play, Fold and Go!

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Easy To use

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Looking for a Packable Pail that you can use but when you're done, you can just fold up and put it away. Look no further. The packable pail by AquaVault is the gold standard in compact pails.


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