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Aquavault | Flex Safe Travel Pack

The FlexSafe Exclusive Travel Pack

Keep your Valuables Safe, phone dry, and sun out of your eyes.

The all in one Travel Pack

For a limited time Travel Packs are available by Aquavault. The pack includes the Flexsafe portable safe, Waterproof Phone Case and Aquavault Hat.

Limited time
Travel Pack

Be the first to grab this deal while it's still available. Aquavault has perfected their portable travel safe and are now offering amazing deals on indiegogo for first buyers. This is not only an amazing offer for people traveling, but also a great gift to give a loved one.

Easy to use

All Aquavault products are not only safe but easy to use. Keeping your items protected at the beach and pool are simple with this travel pack.

Small enough to transport

You can use the Flexsafe to store you items, and if your not using your waterproof phone case, you can stash it inside. The Flexsafe requires minimal space when being stored or transported.


Like all AquaVault products we have created products that are not only slash and tear resistant but also water resistant as well.

Flex Safe
can be used anywhere

The best thing about the Flex Safe is its easy to use and transport. Keep your items safe and sound while you enjoy life without the worry of items you may have left in vunerable areas.


The FlexSafe by AquaVault has many features that seperate it from the standard lock Bag. This portable bag allows you to store items of value easily and securley.

Water Resistant/

The FlexSafe is a lockable bag made with water resistant material allowing you to take it to the beach and pool.


Smaller is better. Your valueables are small, so should't your safe be to? We have designed the FlexSafe to be easy to transport.

Combination Lock/

The FlexSafe has a 3 digit combination lock so you can remember your numbers and keep pick pockets out.

/Slash and Tear Resistant

The same material we use to make the FlexSafe water resistant also makes it slash resistant, So criminals can't cut into it.


The FlexSafe is able to take a lot whatever life has to throw at it and keep going!

/Additional Pockets

Some items you may want easy access to, like sunglasses or pens. The FlexSafe lockable bag has additional pockets on the outside to hold extra items.

This product has been featured on many shows, such as HSN.
Purchase now before we sell out!!

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The Travel pack won't be available for long so act now and be safe next time you travel with your valuables.