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Our Answers to Your Questions

Can't someone just take the chair? Take a second and try to visualize someone running across the beach with a lounge chair on their back and a vault attached to it. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, AquaVault acts as a deterrent. The act of taking the entire chair is simply too bold and too obvious. It's much easier to grab a purse, bag or loose items. 

Is it waterproof? It is not waterproof, however, it's a much better alternative than leaving your stuff in the open. The holes in the side do not allow for it to be waterproof. However, our FlexSafe is water resistant. 

How big is It?  What sized bar will it fit on?
H:  6 1/2″
W:  5 3/8″
L:   9 3/8″
Flex Safe:
H: 10"
W: 3"
L: 6"
Big enough to fit the important stuff. It can fit multiple cell phones, wallets, sets of keys, a bag of jewelry and still have plenty of extra room. AquaVault will fit on any tubular object 1.5" in diameter or any rectangular object up to 1 1/2" x 1 3/8."
The FlexSafe will conform to different sized objects up to 2" in diameter or up to 7"  in circumference
How does it secure to the chair? It encloses over a bar on the chair in a similar fashion to how a clam shell closes. With the holes being on both sides of the unit, it allows the bar to run through the center of the vault creating a very sturdy enclosure.
Can people just reach in and pull out my valuables while its attached? Not only does the bar run through the vault with minimal space to pull anything out but the act of someone reaching their fingers and fishing for valuables is again very obvious and extremely unlikely. The storage compartment in our FlexSafe is zipped shut to provide an extra security layer to deter theft. You also have the ability to use a luggage type lock on the zipper for additional security.

Am I able to reset my code as many times as I'd like? Our locks are designed to allow for continuous resetting of different combinations. 

If I lose my code, am I able to still open it? We offer a designated section on our website to register your combination so in the event that you ever forget, we can quickly retrieve it based on the email address that you registered under. 

Can I fit an ipad, ipad mini or tablet? Although an iPad will not fit, an iPad mini will fit if you position it the right way. Tablets are the easiest to fit in as they are the smallest of the devices.
Can't someone just cut through the Flex Safe? Similar to kevlar, we've selected some of the highest quality slash resistant nylon to create the FlexSafe. Keep in mind that there is virtually no material that is impenetrable if given the proper tools and timing. 
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