If you own a smartphone, here’s the Most Clever Trick to prevent your battery from running out.

Rated invention of the year!

How many times do you find yourself on-the-go and your phone battery is on 2% ? It’s not a matter of when this happens but how often this happens. Nowadays we are spending more and more time on our phones which are causing them to drain to zero much faster than they used to.

What Could You Do with a Smaller, More Efficient
Portable Phone Charger?

Do you want a
better alternative to poor-quality portable chargers?

Are you sick and tired of being tied to a wall

If so, then you’re
in the right spot...

Introducing The World’s Smallest Portable Cellphone Charger! Ultra-Powerful Charging In Your Wallet.

If you’ve experienced that anxiety of walking around with a dead phone, you’re in the right place. Because we invented the solution — and it’s better than anything you’ve seen before!

We created the ChargeCard which is a credit card size Portable Charger that is so small and thin, it fits in your wallet.

It has built-in cables to charge both iPhones and Androids. It’s TINY and powerful!

But act fast, because these ChargeCards will sell out quickly.

People have been going bananas over this particular Portable Charger because:

  • They are tired of carrying around those “bricks” (most other chargers)
  • They are tired of needing to remember to bring their charging cables too
  • This portable charger can also charge tablets, headphones, speakers and more.

You can see why the ChargeCard has been super popular and a best-seller...

It has gained the attention of some of the biggest media outlets including FORBES, FOX NEWS, GOOD MORNING AMERICA and many more.

It’s a game changer product and is something that needs to be in everyone’s wallet. It’s like an insurance policy that you can easily have on you at all times.

In addition, it can hold a charge for up to 1 year so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your wallet and having to recharge it every few days. It was specifically built to last and there were no corners cut when designing and engineering this product.

The story of how the ChargeCard was created…

We realized how inconvenient and cumbersome it was to carry around those bulky portable chargers that are the size of bricks. Who wants to lug around a massive charger in their pocket or purse. In addition, most of the time you have to remember to bring your charging cable to plug your phone into the charger. That is another inconvenience.

We decided there had to be a more simplistic way of charging without having to accept all of these inconveniences. So we decided to create a better mouse trap and something that everyone would love and find super easy to use. That’s when we tasked our engineers with figuring out how to create a portable charger the size of a credit card. We also made sure that having the charging cables built in were a critical part of the design. Last but not least, we wanted to make sure it was powerful and provided a fast charge!

After several iterations, we finally decided on a product that exceeded all expectations. It’s beyond what we expected and people are going absolutely bonkers over it! Imagine, you can pull a credit card size device out of your wallet and begin to quickly charge your phone. Not only can you charge an iPhone or Android, but you can also charge iPads, Kindles, airpods, portable speakers, headphones and more.

This little gadget was called The Invention of the Year for a reason. It’s absolutely incredible and people are instantly recognizing this!

Can you remember how you felt when you were playing a round of golf and half way through you realized your phone was dead and your wife was probably trying to get ahold of you.

Can you remember when you were walking through the city on your way to meet your friends and they decided to change the location of the restaurant at the last minute but now you can’t get in contact with them because your phone is dead.

How about when you are at a restaurant and your phone dies and now the babysitter is trying to get in contact with you but can't.

How about when your kid is at baseball or football practice and their phone dies so you can’t get a hold of them to figure out what time to pick them up.

The list goes on and on and we figured out a product that prevents any of these anxiety ridden experiences from happening.