May 23, 2022

Even though you mostly charge your phone, ear pods, cameras, and other electronic devices before going out, the battery won't last for the entire day, especially when there is heavy usage. Carrying the cable chargers is a good idea, but you will need a power outlet for charging your devices. Also, finding a power outlet when you're out is quite inconvenient. To overcome these issues, you should get one of the top portable power banks in 2022. These devices have a built-in battery so that you can power up any electronic gadget whenever they are out of charge. Besides, they are compact, slender, and can be carried in your pocket, suitcase, travel bag, and more effortlessly. 

Ranked for best design, is our ChargeCard. If you are looking for a slim and ultra-thin phone charger that fits nicely inside your coat pocket, denim back pocket, or wallet, this will be the most suitable product. It is designed as a credit card for better portability to any place. Since it is pretty thin, the chances of getting damaged are higher, so the construction is done with steel. This material is strong enough to counteract any structural damage from bending or snapping. Its battery can provide a power of 2300 mAh for charging the electronic device at lightning speed. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for long to have a fully charged device. On the card, you will find four small LEDs that will indicate its charging status so that you won’t run out of power. Apart from this, the charger comes with interchangeable cables to charge different electronics like phones with USB-C, sound boxes having USB-B ports, and more.

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