August 24, 2021

Read Johnny Jet's full article here, but check out what he had to say about our FlexSafe and ChargeCard below.

Then a reader asked me how to keep their belongings safe at the beach. It’s easy when you’re with someone else, so you can take turns swimming, and one person can always keep an eye on the valuables. However, if you’re alone or if you want to swim together, this diaper trick will help, as will this tip I filmed while on Waikiki Beach.

FlexSafe By Aquavault Will Keep Your Things Safe When You Travel

But here’s a gadget that was just sent to me by some guys who were on Shark Tank. They invented a portable travel safe after getting robbed while swimming at a hotel in South Beach. In an email to me, the owner said, “It was at that moment, the light bulb went off to invent the solution. As you know, people are robbed while going for a swim very often at beaches and pools around the world and with cell phone prices steadily increasing, it’s becoming more of a concern. We decided to create a solution so that people can finally enjoy the peace of mind that has always been missing.”

The FlexSafe by AquaVault is a portable safe that attaches to lounge chairs to secure your valuables. It’s available on Amazon and is cut-resistant, RFID-blocking and has a locking flap so there are no cords to easily snip through. There’s also a motion alarm, solar charger, jewelry pouch and attachment straps. It’s flexible and water resistant. It’s definitely a unique option and will either deter thieves altogether or make it much, much more difficult for them to be successful. The reviews on Amazon are a mixed bag but it’s definitely sturdy and I didn’t have any problems with it.

FYI: Aquavault also makes a nifty device called the Chargecard, which is handy for travelers – especially those who struggle with space and keeping their devices charged.

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