July 21, 2020


The AquaVault beach vault has been available for purchase on our site for several months now and the response has been great. It can be hard getting the word out about a brand new product that is also establishing a completely new product niche. Nobody else really makes anything like our AquaVault so it’s not like introducing a new coffee maker that people would actually be looking for.

Since it is so new and different, we were really thrilled when the Home Shopping Network said they were interested in our product.  The AquaVault beach vault is being featured on HSN.com and it will appear on the TV show during the July 4th weekend.

Being able to share the AquaVault with everyone who loves to go to the beach is very exciting.  The durable high impact ABS thermoplastic and 3-digit combination lock that keeps your valuables locked to your chair (instead of hidden under a towel), is a powerful deterrent to any would-be beach thief. Soon we will be on lots of other sites and in quite a few hotels but for now you can buy AquaVault right here on our site or at HSN.com.

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