AquaVault – 52 countries in less than a week visited us!

AquaVault – 52 countries in less than a week visited us!

The press on AquaVault’s portable beach vault has been amazing over the past week.  In fact we had website visits from more than fifty different countries just last week!   It’s amazing how people LOVE having a way to protect their valuables while at the pool or beach!

Six months ago we would have never believed that our patented outdoor portable safe would find so many fans in Norway.  After all isn’t it winter there for like nine months?  WRONG!  Actually Norway has some amazing beaches in southern Norway like Listastrendene, Lista, Sjøsanden, Mandal, and Helleviga, Søgne just to name three.  In fact here’s one list of the top 10 beaches in Norway

We never thought about going to the beach in Norway.  However as you move north in Norway the sun stays out in summer until almost 11PM around the summer solstice (which just happens to be coming up this weekend), and it's out even later than that as you head up toward the Arctic Circle!

So if you want to go sunbathing at night (how cool is that?), just remember to bring your AquaVault portable safe so you can sleep easy on the beach without worrying about your stuff!

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