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July 21, 2020

We keep hearing (and love it!) that people are impressed with how much stuff the AquaVault portable outdoor lockbox can hold.  Sure it’s large enough to store your phone, but how about your iPad mini or Amazon Kindle? It can easily hold your keys, your sunglasses and even one of those pieces of fruit in your hotel room that you never eat but always wish you had brought when you are at the pool or beach.

The whole idea of our patented outdoor safe is that when you go into the water you don’t have to worry about whether your stuff will be there when you get back. Made from lightweight ABS thermoplastic material the AquaVault is super strong with a simple three-digit combination lock.

What if you can’t remember your locker combination? We thought of that!  Enter your combination into an account you create at our online registry. Access the registry from your phone or a computer using your email address and a password to gain access to your combination. While AquaVault can’t protect you from a great white shark, you can feel safer when you go into the water when it comes to protecting your valuables.

Always remember to be sure it’s the real and original AquaVault portable outdoor lockbox!

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