AquaVault – unlike ‘JAWS’ making it safe to go back in the water

AquaVault – unlike ‘JAWS’ making it safe to go back in the water

Back in the summer of 1975 Steven Spielberg’s incredible movie Jaws hit screens all over the U.S. and even beyond.  One of the tag lines was “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water."   Well if there was a great white shark around – you definitely felt it was NOT safe to go back in the water!

That summer of 1975 had more reports of shark sightings than any year in memory.  People were hallucinating shark visions (not quite Sharknado-like but you get the idea) and lifeguards and beachgoers were all on high alert.

At the time there was not any product like the AquaVault beach safe so if you did take a chance and go into the water you were also taking a chance that your valuables might be stolen while you were frolicking (and watching out for dorsal fins) in the surf.  At least at the time you did not have to worry about having your mobile phone pilfered, as it was ten years before mobile phones even made an impact.

Having an AquaVault beach safe may not save you from a fifteen-foot great white shark, but it will help deter would-be thieves from taking a bite out of your beach vacation! Get your AquaVault here.

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