AquaVault keeps your money and your room key dry

AquaVault keeps your money and your room key dry

Before the AquaVault portable outdoor safe was made available (BAV as we like to say), you’d go on vacation, take your stuff down to the pool or beach, try to conceal your valuables and then hop into the pool or surf with one eye constantly checking your beach chair.

I know this happened to me and bet it has happened to you at least once or twice.  You hide your mobile phone, but still have your money and room key in the pocket of your swim trunks.  Of course you forget and you only remember after you’ve dived in.  Great.  Now your money is soaked, and you hope that your room key will still work.

All of that was – BAV – before AquaVault.  Now with our smart looking and secure vacation vault you can put ALL of your stuff in your AquaVault and never have to deal with soggy money or salt water infused room key cards again!  It’s so easy and you can order one with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Vacation season is here and there are so many other uses for AquaVault why wait?  Order today!

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I have all four products and they are certainly the most useful, if not the best things I have ever bought. I never travel without at least one of the portable safes and the biometric lock. Also the phone case really does work well and definitely floats, whilst keeping the water and sand out. Highly recommended.


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