AquaVault – so much more than what’s in our name!

AquaVault – so much more than what’s in our name!

What did you first imagine when you saw the AquaVault lockbox?  Was it – “What the heck might that be?” You see we get that a lot as well as the question of “How did you come up with the name in the first place?”

Well it’s pretty simple really. When we had our stuff ripped off we came up with the idea to create a portable outdoor safe. It happened by the swimming pool while we were on vacation which made coining the name ‘AquaVault’ almost too easy!   The tag ‘lock up and swim’ admittedly did come a little later.

Yet because there are so many other uses for the AquaVault outdoor safe, calling it an AquaVault doesn’t fully communicate its ability to secure your valuables to a boat, bike, golf cart or even at the playground.   You could even secure your AquaVault lockbox to your seat at baseball or football stadiums while you stand on line for that sausage and beer!

What’s in a name?  When you are talking about AquaVault, you’ve only told part of the story!

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