Increase guests' peace of mind while adding to the bottom line! | AquaVault Inc.

July 21, 2020

Theft of guest valuables while staying at a hotel or resort is an ongoing problem if not a dirty little secret. Sure there are the in-room hotel safes but what about when valued guests are at the pool or on the beach?

AquaVault’s portable outdoor safe offers guests peace of mind while it also enhances their entire experience during their stay. Hotels around the world are discovering that AquaVault also creates recurring rental revenue for their property.

AquaVault provides the units, in-house staff simply rent out the units by the pool, beach, water park or lakefront on a daily or weekly basis.   After just a few rentals the units turn into positive cash flow that just keeps on coming!  The sale of the AquaVault after its use is another revenue stream that can be leveraged.

Increase guests’ enjoyment while at your property.  Increase profits at the same time. It’s just that easy. Call AquaVault at 800-939-0735 or email

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