AquaVault – keeps all your stuff safe at the pool or beach

AquaVault – keeps all your stuff safe at the pool or beach

AquaVault’s portable outdoor lockbox isn’t quite a bottomless storage bin but people are always surprised at how much an AquaVault can hold!

Since people of a certain gender tend to over pack (not saying anything more), AquaVault’s pool and beach safe allows you to bring things to the beach that in the past you would have left back in the room while on vacation.

So go ahead, pack your iPad mini or Kindle, your phone, your car keys, sunglasses, suntan lotion (must protect your skin too!), and of course your wallet and room key.  It’s all going to fit and you can even probably get a cheesy paperback in there too!

Another great thing is that AquaVault is made from incredibly tough yet lightweight ABS plastic so taking it to the pool or beach won’t end up being something like a gym workout.

With an AquaVault beach safe you get to keep all the things you need safely secured to your chair while sipping a Margarita or Pina Colada at the bar or restaurant.   How much is peace of mind worth to you?

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