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July 21, 2020

The Travel Channel has a wide variety of programming. From Andrew Zimmern’s ‘Bizarre Foods’ to Anthony Bourdain’s award winning ‘No Reservations’ not to mention ‘Bikinis and Boardwalks’. But the show we really love is ‘Xtreme Waterparks’.  Watching people freak out when going down what amounts to a big waterslide is somehow one of the more amusing ways to spend an hour every once in a while. Or every week if you’re like us.AquaVault at Waterpark

One thing that is not mentioned on the show is what the waterpark visitors do with their valuables when careening down the slide into the water at speeds over 70 mph. (That’s 120km/hour for our non-American friends which sounds a lot faster BTW).   We think that’s where theAquaVault pool safe is a perfect solution.  As a matter of fact we can offer that it won’t be long before some of the most popular extreme (and maybe not-so-extreme) waterparks will be offering a daily rental of the AquaVault pool safe.

But why wait?  It’s ‘extremely’ easy to order an AquaVault right from our website and have it delivered straight to your home or office.   Send us your photos of where you locked up your AquaVault pool safe and maybe we will share your creative solution with the world!

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