July 21, 2020

Tongue firmly inside cheek but we couldn’t resist!

  1. Both are favored by teenage girls. Admittedly Justin Bieber has a larger following right now but AquaVault is in it for the long haul.   Justin Bieber’s appeal to teenage girls will eventually wane but they’ll always want to protect their phones!
  1. Both AquaVault and Justin Beiber have interesting artwork on their outer casing. Naturally we think AquaVault’s logo is way cooler - hey we have our reasons.
  1. The AquaVault can hold your music in our secure outdoor lockbox whether it’s your iPod, iPad Mini, or any mobile phone – even the new iPhone 6+. Justin Bieber can hold a tune.  And himself in too-high regard.
  1. The AquaVault is small enough and lightweight enough to be the best portable safe on the market.  Justin Bieber is both portable and lightweight.
  1. The AquaVault is made of super-tough ABS plastic. Justin Bieber is also made of plastic – but is not nearly as tough.

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