AquaVault is a unique Valentine’s Day gift

AquaVault is a unique Valentine’s Day gift

It's midwinter here in the U.S. and so many people are itching for a beach vacation.  Even if you cannot get away this winter you still need to take care of business when it comes to a great Valentine’s Day Gift.

AquaVault portable outdoor safe can bring it all together for you and your Valentine.  The last thing you want to worry about when on vacation is having your valuables be stolen.  Rather than put them all under a towel and hope nobody notices while you take a dip or get a drink, AquaVault’s incredibly durable ABS plastic outdoor lockbox can hold just about everything you’d need by the pool or at the beach.  Keys, phone, sunglasses, wallet, and room key just to name a few.

Think about what it would mean to give your Valentine an AquaVault beach safe.  It says you care about safety, and fun, AND you would like to go away together to get to use the AquaVault – hopefully sooner than later!

And if you are on vacation in Florida, anywhere from Miami up to Boca Raton, when you get to the beach ask to rent an AquaVault beach safe from the Boucher Brothers rental hut as we’re adding more hotels to our roster each and every day!

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