July 21, 2020

Maybe you‘ve seen it or worse done it yourself?  But BAV (that’s Before AquaVaul - safer than hiding your stuff in a towelAquaVault) people had to try just about anything (and did) when it came to protecting their valuables. Here are our ‘unofficial’ top 5 ways we’ve seen or heard about:

  1. Digging a hole in the sand at the beach and putting your valuables in the hole under a towel.
  1. Asking the person next to you to watch your stuff while you go in the pool or the ocean.
  1. Wrap up your things in a t-shirt and place it casually under your lounge chair hoping nobody notices.
  1. Wear a waterproof fanny pack with all your things in it and hope that it really is waterproof.
  1. Have one of the friends stay behind to watch everyone else’s stuff. This is only good if you are the friend that is not left behind.

    Of course you could avoid all of those possibilities and just pick up an AquaVault outdoor portable safe made of super-tough ABS plastic, and lock it to your lounge chair.   Then you could relax and truly enjoy your day in the sun!

    Just sayin’.

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