AquaVault is back in the Spotlight Again (ABC's Beyond the Tank - Friday May 6th 8:00PM)

AquaVault is back in the Spotlight Again (ABC's Beyond the Tank - Friday May 6th 8:00PM)

Once again, Team AquaVault is back in the spotlight. Whether they are on the news, in Forbes or guest appearing on HSN, they always find a way to stay relevant and generate buzz. Aside from all of their recent press, they were selected appear on ABC's Beyond the Tank which will air Friday May 6th at 8PM EST. You will dive deep into what these guys have gone through after making a deal in the tank, and what it's like to endure the entrepreneur roller coaster. Although on the surface, things may appear good, they provide insight on how business growing pains create an enormous amount of pressure and mass uncertainty. Mistakes are made, lessons are learned and experiences are embraced. In their short period of time since they originally aired on Shark Tank, they have made monumental progress and have successfully figured out how to team up with some of the biggest players in the industry. Their tenacity and relentless drive is what they attribute their recent success to. Their offense is just as important to them as their defense, and they work as if competition is right on their tail. Although being on Shark Tank undeniably contributed towards the jump start in their expansion, it was what they did with that experience that really catapulted the brand. Watch them as they strategize with their partner Daymond John, who at some moments, strongly disagrees with their decision making. Overall, this episode will clearly demonstrate their master plan to try and corner a market that they are essentially creating.

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