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May 06, 2019 1 Comment

The FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe offers portable protection for your most important pocket-sized stuff. It’s a locking back that’s resistant to water, cuts, and includes RFID-blocking material that keep your credit cards and other sensitive digital information safe. With a programmable combination lock, only you will have access. The hookable flap means you can secure it onto almost any fixed object, and it’s flexible enough to fit even in a carry-on bag. So when you’re at the beach, you can wade into the water without worrying about your valuables.

When your phone, credit cards, and other electronic essentials go everywhere with you, they also go places that are risky. Think the beach, poolside, hikes, or anywhere someone might have a card scanner.



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Dianne Martindale
Dianne Martindale

May 12, 2019

Got one. Can’t unlock . Combo lock release doesn’t release. Ideas to fix? Can’t return. Sale item. Account closed. Help.

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