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September 18, 2017


So you’re at the beach or maybe at a swimming pool for the day — in other words outside where other people are and your stuff isn’t on you. Not silly enough to trust leaving it on a blanket for all to see or placed in some public locker, you take your phone and keys and wallet with you and put them where? The “where” is inside AquaVault’s FlexSafe Portable Safe.

The name says it all: a flexible “lockbox” that can hold the important stuff that’s always with you and keep it safe from crap like sand or water or “sticky” fingers looking to get hold of what’s not for them. The FlexSafe is made with storage pockets and even has a padded carry handle for taking it around. But that’s not what makes it good to have. What does the trick is that it operates like a portable travel safe because it has a 3 digit combination lock you know how to open and others don’t. And the way it closes means it can’t be easily pulled open (no cords being used as part of the construction that can be cut). So this is how you keep your valuables around but also how you keep them safe from both the environment as well as those who inhabit it.

The way it works is that you place the FlexSafe around an immovable object and count on its slash resistant nature to keep the flap from being pierced. It also helps that the internal zipper pouch can’t be looked at or reached at all — there’s no side access to getting into it when locked.And because the locking flap is magnetic, it guarantees a simple and quick closure that easily makes using the combination lock a done deal.

AquaVault adds water resistance but also RFID resistance to the mix: this blocks anyone from trying to hack into your electronics (mostly that means your credit cards when you’ve placed your wallet inside, but smartphones get the protection too). The FlexSafe Portable Safe retails for $38.95 and is about the size of a softball once folded up. Yep it’s easy to carry around because it’s not some big fat rigid travel safe — but it certainly does the job anyway.

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