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Grab & Go Safe- FlexSafe

February 20, 2019


It was love at first sight…a travel-friendly SAFE, securely fastened the back of a beach lounge chair. Several times a year, I find myself in a situation where I want to go swimming whether at a lake, on a cruise, snorkeling in a foreign country, or a hot spring off-the-beaten-path. It’s hard to relax because I’m fearful for the belongings that I’ve left behind on the dry ground. It’s a constant hassle figuring out where to store my keys, mobile phone, ID, and bank card so they won’t get stolen. Travelers are at higher risk of being targeted to get their phone, identification, and bank cards cloned or stolen. Did you know that there are videos online that show how easy it is to break into a hotel room safe? I’ve been wanting a lightweight grab & go safe to better secure personal items.

Grab & Go Safe – FlexSafe by Aquavault

Grab & Go Safe -FlexSafe Aquavault


The FlexSafe is an Aquavault product designed to be a versatile travel safe. It was featured on the popular ABC’s Sharktank TV show with a business offer from one of the sharks. It’s patented design allows it to be secured on 95% of beach furniture. There are several features that make the FlexSafe a great method for storing valuables and a must have for travelers.

RFID Blocking for Cloning Prevention 

Slash Resistant Material with Metal Wire Sewn In

Water Resistant

Belt Loop and Carry Handle for Easy Transport

Mesh Pockets and Loops for Extra Storage Space

Compact  – Measures: 9 Height x 6 Width x 2.5 Depth

Lightweight – Weighs: 9.5 Ounces

3-Digit Combination Lock


Perfect Places for the FlexSafe

I’ve had the FlexSafe for just a couple days now. It’s well constructed and simple to operate. I wanted it to lock up a prescription for an upcoming trip which would be hard to replace it if it went missing. Storing it in the FlexSafe can help protect my personal information (that’s printed on the bottle), prevents housekeeping from knowing I have medication, and prevents kids and would be thieves from gaining access to it. Even though it was intended for an upcoming trip, I’ve already put it to use. A friend left an item at my house and wanted to pick it up. I needed to leave unexpectedly so I locked it in the Flexsafe securing it to my front porch and texted her the location and code. As a prepper, I can imagine a variety of situations where I could put the FlexSafe to use.

1. Bugout Location or Vacation

Grab & Go Safe -FlexSafe Aquavault - Beach


2. Bugout or Recreational Vehicle

Go Safe - Portable Travel Safe - FlexSafe


3. In a Disaster or Camping

Grab & Go Safe -FlexSafe Aquavault - Camping Cot

Go Safe - FlexSafe Photos


4. Office

Grab & Go Safe -FlexSafe Aquavault - Office


5. Home

Grab & Go Safe -FlexSafe Aquavault - Fence


Things to Be Aware Of:

Grab & Go Safe -FlexSafe Aquavault - Back Belt Loop

  • The FlexSafe is not waterproof, only water resistant. There is an eyelet hole at the bottom and openings around the zipper, so water would leak in if it was submerged.
  • There’s a gap that allows the flap to wrap around furniture and fences. If the FlexSafe it’s NOT locked around something, I was able to fit my hand in the gap, unzip it, and remove small items from the bag. I was able to prevent items from being removed, by placing them in a waterproof box (6.5 x 4.13 x 2) and then locking it in the FlexSafe. The box was too large to fit through the gap.

Go Safe - FlexSafe - Side


The FlexSafe did not disappoint. This grab & go safe is a great fit for anyone that tries to be situationally aware or has a preparedness mindset. It’ll be nice to relax a little more knowing my valuables are protected. If you are interested in learning more about Aquavault follow them on Facebook.

Portable Travel Safe - Go Safe - FlexSafe Review - Combo Lock Bag - Slash proof - Preppers Survive

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