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August 21, 2017


The ultimate portable safe
Lock up your stuff wherever you go! Motion Alarm, ULTRA Cut Resistant, Solar Charger & more- The Ultimate Portable Safe!

After being robbed at the beach and taking our first invention on Shark Tank (which got us a deal), we challenged ourselves to invent the ultimate portable safe. Peace of mind is priceless. The patented FlexSafe+ is loaded with features. It's made from ULTRA Cut and Slash Resistant Materials, has a Motion Sensor Alarm System, a Water-Proof Solar Charger & More. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, this is where you lock up your valuables. Never worry about your "STUFF" again.

Here's Why You Need FlexSafe+
Where do you put your valuables when you go for a swim?
Do you like traveling, cruising, excursions, waterparks, or enjoying any outdoor activities
Do you have valuables in your home, office, or dorm room but don't have a safe
We were three college buddies just staying in South Beach over the weekend for a friend's wedding. Our first day down at the hotel pool started off amazing. Not a cloud in the sky, the margaritas were flowing and the music was just right. After a few drinks, we decided to hop in the pool and go for a quick swim. Without hesitation, we took our valuables and put them in our shoes which we then tucked under our lounge chairs. Although we were a little concerned, we figured what are the chances that someone is going to steal our stuff. It's a gamble that everyone takes and has accepted as a common concern. Even though we were continuously watching our lounge chairs and thought we always had at least one person monitoring our stuff, when we came back, everything was gone.

It was very simple, we became victims to a crime that happens every single day at beaches and pools around the world. After the police reports, dealing with hotel security, watching everyone else have fun in the sun while we sat there and blamed ourselves for being so naive and getting robbed, the idea came to us for creating a portable safe that attaches to your lounge chair.

Fast forward a few years after we invented our first product and realized how successful it became, we decided to challenge ourselves and create the BEST Portable Safe you have ever seen. We spent years looking for the right materials and assembling the best factories to help create our vision. At this point, all the preparation has been done and now all we need is you. With your help, we can bring our vision to life and deliver a product that so many people around the world have asked for and can benefit from. We can't think of a single person that cannot use this product in some way, shape or form.

Please help us bring this creation to life and we promise you will see a product that absolutely blows your mind. After years of research and preparation, we are finally ready to introduce our Newest Generation of Portable Safes exclusively to you guys in the CrowdFunding Community!

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