May 14, 2018


6 Essentials for a perfect day at the beach, pool or water park

2/Aquavault 100% Waterproof Floating Case

Ok, I admit to being a little skeptical about this one, but my son was eager to test the product. Using an old cellphone, he dunked the case in a bathtub of water. Yep, it actually works! The Aquavault 100%Waterproof Floating Case accommodates cell phones of all sizes, even plus-size models. It closes with a zip-lock mechanism and then rolls down to seal twice with Velcro. You still can use the phone to take photos and videos through the clear plastic while in the water. The case has a patented airbag which allows it to float if accidentally dropped. And it comes with a lanyard to clip on the pouch. Cost: $25.

Photo courtesy: Aquavault


4/Aquavault FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe

I originally saw the creators of this product on TV’s Shark Tank. I remember turning to my wife and saying, “I totally have this problem!” What to do with your cell phone and wallet when you’re at a water park, hotel swimming pool or beach?” I often want my cell phone with me to take photos of the kids, but I can’t ride the slides at a water park with the phone. And the lockers are typically at the entrance to the park. What a pain! Enter FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe from Aquavault. It’s a soft-sided case, designed to attach to the back of a lounge chair, stroller, bike or anything else with a bar. It has a three-digit, programmable, combination lock. And it’s roomy enough to hold a wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, and watch. Problem solved! Cost: $60.

Photo courtesy: Aquavault

6/Packable Pails by AquaVault

This product is one of those that makes me think, “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s the brainchild of a mom and dad in Iowa. Yes, the best beach buckets in America come from Iowa! What makes them so great? The full-sized pails are collapsible, meaning you can easily pack them in a suitcase or the trunk of your car for your next beach vacation. Cost: $20.

Greg Bailey lives in the Tampa area with his wife and two sons. Born and raised in Michigan, he has traded in his winter parka, snow shovel, and gloves for the beach, sunny skies, and gentle breezes of the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Photo courtesy: AquaVault



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