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AquaVault FlexSafe portable travel safe Review by Family Review Center



The New FlexSafe by AquaVault is our newest Portable Outdoor Safe which is made from a lightweight slash resistant and water resistant material. The FlexSafe is extremely flexible and can roll up to the size of a softball which allows for very easy transportation wherever you travel. The internal zipper pouch was designed in such a way that even when the unit is locked around whatever it is that you chose, there will be absolutely no side access to the portable safe leaving it completely enclosed.

Made of slash resistant nylon with RFID blocking material layered in the product the FlexSafe is a portable safe that is packable, flexible and water-resistant with an internal zipper pouch, a universal-fit locking flap, mesh pockets, carrying handle, programmable lock and magnetic closure.

Product Specs:
Re- programmable 3 digit combination lock
Slash Resistant
RFID Blocking Technology
Magnetic Lock Closure
Belt Loop
Padded Carry Strap
Storage Pockets



This portable safe has been a life saver for when on the go. Now I feel safer bringing valuables with me, when prior I was always scared for them to go with me to the conventions, etc. that I attend. This is a lightweight bag, comfortable to carry on my belt and convenient to transport with me in my luggage. I can then quickly and easily put my wallet, phone, jewelry, money, and other goodies safely inside, set the lock combination and I am off on my walkabouts with no worries that someone is seeing or taking my belongings. I can hook it on my lounger by the pool or I can leave it in my luggage or sitting in my hotel room. It just adds that extra level of security when I do not want to use a hotel safe or do not have access to one. 

I have not personally tried it in water but it offers a waterproof feature. This is great to know that even if I have a mishap, my items will remain safe and free of water damage. 

It is slash resistant, so it makes it much harder to get into, should someone choose to play dirty. Of course nothing is impossible, but this is next to it, when it comes to unwanted entry. 

It has a re-programmable combination lock. I like this feature because I at times loan it to others. Now they can set it to their choice of combinations and I can reset it to one I prefer, that no one knows, once it is returned to me. 

It offers RFID blocking technology, so my credit cards cannot be read thru it. This makes it a great place to keep my wallet when I am not needing immediate access to it. 

So many great features packed into it, with one great price. This is a business person's dream, as well as a vacationer's must have. There is nothing worse than being away from home and having valuables or your identification stolen. We are living in a day and age where it is common. Now you are of a rare kind if you have not had your credit or identity or a valuable belonging stolen. I personally have had it happen more than once. It is not fun and I lost a lot of time undoing the damage it left in their wake. Thankfully I was able to recover all, (knock on wood) ... many are not so lucky. However, it has made me a lot more careful I can tell you that. 

They offer this safe and also their Portable Outdoor Travel Safe which you will also want to check out for beach time, etc. or for hospital stays.

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